Gazwareen is a brand created by Shahir Mikhail for his hand-crafted wood designs using Driftwood and Reclaimed wood to produce very unique, Green furniture

Gazwareen now is a collaboration of two artists Shahir Maged and Ahmed Galal.

Alexandrian born and raised, Shahir, the founder, grew up by the Mediterranean, aspiring all its colors and influences. Drawn with a big love to the sea, he started collecting old pieces of drift wood from the beach. He was inspired by the rustical beauty of these pieces after they traveled the seas and acquired all its spirit. Likewise, the natural forms and curves of raw tree branches and trunks became an inspiration for many of his creations. Today, he combines these elements of beauty, simplicity and the history of the drift wood to produce furniture and household items that are not only artistic but practical and very durable.

Simplicity remains the main element in his work, so as to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Attention to detail is an obsession for Shahir, he puts alot of energy and love into each peace that it becomes like a good energy pod to fill your house with good frequencies.

In addition, it is a form of recycling. Most of the wood he uses would have ended up in the garbage or just burnt. Shahir has always been in love with nature and concerned about its well-being. Thus, bringing art and green thinking together while producing something that is useful for everyday life seems to be the ultimate thing for him.

Ahmed Galal has an interesting background in fashion design that he studied while living in Canada, He also worked in agriculture and hydroponics until he met Shahir, fell in love with wood work and decided to join Gazwareen.

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