The Peace Bench

A community bench made with a lot of dear friends at Nuweiba, Sinai, Egypt on a lovely beach just after hotel Bawaki from a beautiful huge trunk of wood that has been lying there on the beach for years. It was never used during that time but was elegantly polished by the sun rays and the sea breeze to a beautiful tinge. We dug it up, leveled it on rocks, cleaned it, protected it with a coat of olive oil and finally transformed it into a peace sign. So next time you are there, go visit the bench and enjoy a very peaceful view.1175282_10153673821635257_1096837308_n 1513207_232416380262667_1379305000_n 1522808_10152178982719859_385765008_o 1525211_232416343596004_1497375620_n 1526961_232416403595998_1437622382_n 1535500_10153673820680257_1214298767_n 1537588_10152178967229859_195385600_o 1545186_232416473595991_174793257_n

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